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The Community Design Round-Up will highlight emerging professionals through the format of short, intense presentations. Presentations will be related to the theme of EMERGENCE and will include sharing both successes, failures, and lessons learned. Each presentation will be allowed 5 minutes. The goal is to have numerous short presentations that are substantive and thought-provoking.

Friday, June 13, 10:45AM-12:15PM

1. The Emergence of a New Design Movement, Rebecca Willis, Bleeding Heart Design

2. Impact of Community Art and the “Belong Here” Campaign, Samantha Szeszulski, Challenge Detroit

3. Richmond, Virginia’s Broad Street Block Blitz, Tyler King, Storefront for Community Design

4. Spring, Jennifer Mayfield, bcWORKSHOP

5. Emotional Mapping: a Socio-Psychological Methodology for Community Engagement, Julie Whyte, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

6. Storytelling in the Emerging City, Emily Schmidt, bcWORKSHOP

7. Sustainable Community Development: A Model to Reconnect Neighbors , Ashley Flintoff, Mike Smith, Kendra Harrison, UDM Masters of Community Development

8. Playscape East Baltimore, Briony Hynson, Neighborhood Design Center

9. Mapping the Gap Between Pedagogy and Practice in Public Interest Design, Shannon Arms, University of Oregon

10. Handshake , David Schwartz, IBM

11. BirdProject Soap, Tippy Tippens, Matter, Design for Social Change

12. Everyday Interactions, Elizabeth Grabowski, UDM School of Architecture

13. Don’t Fear Marketing!, Patrick McDonnell, Association for Community Design

14. Design Fund at 25 Years, Thor Erickson, Design Center

15. Detroit Collaborative Design Center, Virginia Stanard, Detroit Collaborative Design Center


Conversation Exchanges are breakout sessions geared toward sharing your ideas, thoughts, or projects, receiving feedback, and generating discussion. Feel free to submit as a group as well as individually. Each exchange will be 90 minutes including presentation and discussion.

Friday, June 13, 3:00-4:30PM

From the Outside In [Practice]

Scott Shall & Edward Orlowski, Lawrence Technological University

Gina Reichert, Design 99 & Powerhouse Productions

Proactive Practices [Practice]

Mia Scharphie, Northeastern University

Nick McClintock, University of Pennsylvania

Gilad Meron, Autodesk Impact Design Foundation & TheThirdTeacher+

The Elusive Definition of Placemaking [Tactics]

Elizabeth Luther & Sam Butler, Michigan Community Resources

Inclusive Design: Bridging Uncommon Grounds [Tactics]

Kareeshma Ali, Alicia Virani, Shiva Rashidianfar & Whitney Richardson, Archeworks

The role of professional fellowships in Detroit: Talent Attraction, Development & Retention [Practice]

Graig Donnelly, Detroit Revitalization Fellowship Program

Shelley Danner, Challenge Detroit

Abir Ali, Ali Sandifer

Melissa Dittmer, Rock Ventures

Corissa Leveille, Eight Mile Boulevard Association

Jason Zogg, DTE Energy

Saturday, June 14, 11:15AM-12:45PM

Engagement = Energy, and Energy Is Magnetic! [Tactics]

Megan Powers, Grassroots Solutions

Beyond Things: Designing Systems for Change [Tactics]

Jonathan Erwin, Vincent Purcell & Briony Evans-Hynson, Neighborhood Design Center

What’s Going On In The Schools? [Teaching]

Sharon Haar, University of Michigan

Edward Orlowski, Lawrence Technological University

James Wheeler, University of Minnesota

Kevin Singh, Louisiana Tech University

Participatory Action Research and Designing for Resiliency [Teaching]

Mikey Goralnik, North Carolina State University

mObjObtOO & Design Sprint [Teaching]

Ryan Rinn, Storefront for Community Design

Shalini Agrawal, Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts

Packaging the Poor in Our Own Image and Likeness? [Practice]

Roberta Feldman, University of Illinois at Chicago

Michael Pyatok, Pyatok Architects

Michael Rios, University of California Davis

Dan Pitera, Detroit Collaborative Design Center

Saturday, June 14, 2:00-3:30PM

Resident Created Media [Tactics]

Erik Howard, Young Nation

Beyond the Charrette: Building Community through Engaged Design in the age of Twitter and Talk Radio? [Tactics]

Kathleen Dorgan, Dorgan Architecture & Planning

Evolving an Extra-curricular Pedagogy for Student Leadership in Public Interest Design [Teaching]

Barbara Brown Wilson, Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Texas at Austin

Nils Gore, University of Kansas

The Agency of Community Design: Projective Roles for Post-Disaster Practice [Teaching]

Jeff Kruth and Kristen Zieber, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

Duluth Futures: An Emerging Project in Resiliency, Design and Civic Pedagogy [Teaching]

Ozayr Saloojee & Vince DeBritto, University of Minnesota

Movie Screening: If You Built It [Practice]

Follow designer-activists Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller on their journey with the Project H design-build studio in rural Bertie County.

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