Creative Acts of Citizenship: The Neighborhood as Site of Production Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz

Guatemalan-born architect Teddy Cruz is a tireless advocate, designer, and urban theorist whose work urges us all to think beyond traditional borders. Inspired by his San Diego office situated nearby the busiest border crossing on the globe, Cruz will share insights on the public engagement strategies and research that fuels his firm’s work, and how we can all respond creatively to an increasingly interconnected world.

This public symposium is part of Design in Action 2011. There is no additional fee for conference delegates. Members of the public can purchase tickets here for $20. Proceeds benefit Philadelphia's Community Design Collaborative, a Local Host of this year's conference.

Speaker Bio

One of the industry’s most respected voices on public engagement strategies, Cruz is known for his work regarding the border between Tiajuana and San Diego. Cruz – a 2011 Ford Foundation Visionary – concentrates on the adaptive style of architecture in border areas. Instead of focusing on the aesthetics of a community, he considers the lifestyles and needs which create organic communities. He will soon be embarking on a local project in Philadelphia. 

For more information on Teddy Cruz and his work:

In addition to a keynote presentation at Design in Action 2011, Teddy Cruz will also participate in the following conference breakout session:

Mixplace Studio
Neighborhood revitalization can come about in many ways. Mixplace Studio asks how cultural organizations, especially smaller-scale groups, can help speed positive change. This West Philadelphia partnership brings a cultural group into working connections with acclaimed designers and a respected social service provider, jointly establishing a youth mentorship initiative, along with design-related research and exhibitions for jumpstarting community discussion. A study in multi-layered partnerships and long-term commitments.

Aaron Levy, Slought Foundation
Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz
Kira Strong, People’s Emergency Center

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