The Association for Community Design invites you to submit a proposal for the 2016 ACD Annual Meeting - SWAP MEET! ACD is seeking proposals from community designers and planners, neighborhood change makers and activists, social-impact educators, and emerging public interest professionals to lead sessions about practicing, teaching and advocating for community design.

SWAP MEET is three days of exchange - an opportunity to learn from peers in your field, share tools and methods, discuss common challenges, and build relationships with community designers from around the country.

2016 is the year for you to GIVE and GET the knowledge that the community design profession has cultivated since we started meeting in 1977!

SWAP MEET session proposals should be structured around valuable exchange; a big idea you want to discuss, a tool you need help testing, a challenge you want advice on, or a set of methods you want to share. Broadly, session proposals should fall into one of five categories highlighted below. There are four groups of “Swap Sessions” throughout the weekend, each lasting 90 minutes. SWAP sessions are intended to be interactive, and develop knowledge for both you and participants through engaging exchanges.

WHO can SWAP: Individuals or groups of up to 3 can work together to curate a session. This is to give more time for exchange!

WHAT to SWAP: Work with the following categories or suggest your own:

+ Community Collaboration- Tricks, tips, technologies, and lessons on how to do meaningful, energized engagement.

+ How do you do Community Design?- How to start a community design organization, get a project off the ground, or keep things running smoothly. 

+ Education & Mentorship- Resources and relationships that cultivate knowledge between community designers, their partners, and stakeholders. Where and what is happening and what is needed in the field?

+ Tools, Tech, and Resources- What apps, community organizations, research, events, and toolkits are elevating your community design practice or pedagogy?

+ Resilience & Community- Share strategies to help projects, organizations, relationships, learning, and equity grow in the field of Community Design and communities you work with.

: a suggested structure of SWAP sessions is*;

5 mins Participant Intro: get to know the people you’ll be sharing with!

20 mins Idea Share: Introduce topic with a lecture, activity or pecha kucha.

35 mins Topic Swap: you choose the method to explore ideas and solicit feedback

15 mins Next Steps: Leader(s) facilitate a roundup of resources, takeaways, and lessons

* You are welcome to create your own session format provided it hits the same points as the above structure.

Workshop proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. First review will be Friday June 6th and will continue until all spots are filled. There will be many opportunities to share on the spot over the weekend, but if you'd like to share, teach, or exchange something in particular with other members, please submit a proposal, as a PDF, less than 5MB to including the following:

Name & Contact Information (email, phone)

Partner Presenters (if applicable)

Applicable Swap Session Category

Proposed Session Title

Proposed Session Structure (how you will run the “Idea Share” “Topic Swap” and “Next Steps”)

3-5 Learning Outcomes

Accepted SWAP applicants will be given free attendance to the conference. 

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