This year, we will be having Sunday Morning events to kick off the day hosted by organizations that have a broad range of approaches to Community Design and they will be giving short presentations followed by a social hour to get to know their approaches better and discuss strategies for how that might benefit other practices in Community Design over a cup of Joe and a bagel or two. 

Hosts: Community Design Group (Antonio Rosell, P.E., AICP + Jody Rader, Urban/Landscape Designer)

Social Topic: Working [AWAY] From Home

Location: 212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 515, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Community Design Group is a consulting firm from Minneapolis that began as an advocacy and planning firm with projects very close to home: Lake Street, Midtown Global Market. Over the last 15 years, as work and staff has grown, CDG has been working more and more with communities that are farther away from their home base, focusing mainly on bicycle/pedestrian planning and design. As a response, CDG has developed a number of tools that have been very successful with gathering input from hard ­to reach populations. We would like to share some of these tools, as well as learn from others how they are able to engage communities with authenticity, as more and more organizations and firms are working beyond their local setting.

Hosts: Works Progress (Colin Kloecker + Shanai Matteson)

Social Topic: Water is All We Have- Water Bar & Public Studio

Location: 2516 Central Avenue NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

Water Bar began in 2014 as a public art pop-up, a bar that serves local tap waters and is staffed by water researchers, sustainability educators, activists, artists and other community residents. 

Over the past two years Water Bar has served local tap waters to over 30,000 people in places across the United States - sparking conversations about the importance of local water to lives and communities, and helping to equip people to engage with complex and urgent issues stemming form our collective attitudes and approaches to environment - issues like water pollution and scarcity, land use and community development, climate change and environmental injustice. 

We've also directly engaged over 60 volunteers and interns as Water Bar water tenders. These everyday experts help care for and communicate about water and the ways it shapes and is shaped by our culture. 

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