The Board Development committee is responsible for conducting annual board elections, including developing a slate of nominees to fill vacant board seats, and overseeing the elections process to ensure compliance with the ACD bylaws. The Board Development committee is also charged with planning for board education and leadership training.

Committee Members
Theresa Hwang (chair), Andrew Londre, Nikia Hill, Nneka Sobers, Edward Orlowski (ex officio)


The Communications Committee directs the web, media, blog, branding protocols and design standards. We are the folks answering your questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as posting announcements, conference campaigns, and keeping the website up-to-date.

If you have announcements you'd like us to post, please feel free to contact us:

Committee Members
Ashley Flintoff
(chair), Ann Panopio, Jess Blanch, Will Doran, Edward Orlowski (ex officio)


The Conference Committee plans the annual ACD national conference. Committee members focus on selection of the host city, the establishment of local and national partnerships, and logistical and planning aspects of holding the conference. This team works with members of the host city to realize a conference theme and plan an engaging and enlightening conference relevant to all practitioners of community engaged design.

Committee Members
Ashley Flintoff, Theresa HwangRyan Rinn, James Wheeler


Community Design Education and Research (CDER) is a project being led by ACD as part of long-term research effort to understand how community design education is changing around the country, and to identify best practices in the process. We hope to help create new networks between community design educators and program directors and ultimately advance the field of community design by helping to strengthen the education and training of its future leaders. 

Committee Members

James Wheeler (Co-Chair), Gilad Meron (Co-Chair), Kevin Singh, Andrew Londre, Thor Erickson, Nikia Hill, Nneka Sobers, Shannon Arms


The Fellowship Committee is responsible for the planning, organizing, and execution of ACD's new Micro Fellowship happening April 2015. 

Committee Members
Mallory Baches (chair),  Katherine Darnstadt, Ann Panopio


The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial management of ACD. This includes determining yearly budgets for the committees, monitoring income and expenses, and establishing long-range financial goals (including funding strategies) to meet our strategic plan objectives and initiatives.

Committee Members
Ryan Rinn (Chair), Kevin SinghMark Matel, Ben (accountant)

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