Getting around in NYC

New York City has many options for travel:

Taxi cabs are an easy option. A great fare estimator and cab info is at

In New York City, you cannot call to reserve a cab--you must hail it on the street. A taxi can fit a group of four. Find out more information at

However, you can call for "Car Service." This is a little more expensive than taxis, but can be reserved for a particular time and accomodate more than four people. Click here for a listing of car service providers:

The Subway is another great option. If you're new to NYC, they may be a little intimidating, but can be fast and easy once you're prepared. Find out more about how to ride the system here:

To plan a subway trip, click here:

Subway fare is $2.50. Note that subways do not go directly to JFK, but there is an AirTrain. See

Driving in New York City is not recommended. However, for those who are driving, there is on-street parking near both Hunter and Pratt.

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